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Sheep on the Row (part 3)

Once the sheep had been settled in the models in their custom made Saville Row suits started about their mornings work. Not sure the sheep knew what to make of it all! …. The Exmoor Horn Wool Ltd “pop up” was given pride of place besides the sheep pen and the job of beginning to […]

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Sheep on the Row (part 2)

Our day began early- we had to be up with the sheep loaded on the trailer by 4am in order to make Saville Row by 7am. As it happens we did arrive by 7am but they weren’t quite ready for us. When the time did come to unload the sheep were presented with pristine turf […]

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Sheep on the Row (part 1)

Exmoor Horn Wool Ltd has “been on tour” again. After the mammoth trip to Yarndale 2015 last month, this month we have been taking part in The Campaign for Wool,s Sheep on the Row. An event taking place in Saville Row, understood the world over as a byword for the finest tailoring and luxury menswear, […]

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Yarndale 2015

Exmoor Horn Wool Ltd had its first “outing” to Yarndale 2015.     A very valuable experience and a chance to gather some tremendous and very useful feedback. Thank you to all those who took the time and trouble to visit us on the stand.  

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Cutcombe Auction

A splendid pen of two-tooth Exmoor Horn ewes at Cutcombe on 17th September 2015. Auctioneer Peter Huntley of Exmoor Farmers Livestock Auctions, photo by Gethin Rees.

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Early lambing

Here are some lovely pictures of newborn lambs at David Butt’s farm, taken at the end of January. Some farmers who also show their sheep lamb a little bit earlier than the main flocks – perhaps there is a future champion among these!

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