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  1. QUESTION: Your knitting wool doesn’t feel quite as soft as I was expecting – why not? ANSWER: If you squeeze one of our balls of wool, you will feel it spring back straight away. This is because it is a robust wool, so it is hard-wearing too. The official Wool Board description of the “handle” of the wool is “crisp”, which is what gives it resilience when knitted up.  This is a desirable feature for the type of garment for which the wool is intended, in the same way that you’d expect to knit baby clothes with superfine merino.
  2. QUESTION: Why does the hand-knit yarn vary a little bit in thickness sometimes? ANSWER: The yarn is artisan-spun on vintage machinery, so perhaps you could call this “yarn with character”!
  3. QUESTION: Can I wash the socks in the washing machine? ANSWER: Yes, you certainly can on a 40 degree wool wash, but remember to use only a non-bio detergent. The sock yarn was specially treated to make it shrink-resistant.
  4. QUESTION: Will the socks be comfortable without a liner sock? ANSWER: Yes.  Exmoor Horn wool blended with Exmoor Blueface  makes the perfect yarn for socks that will last. They have been extensively trialled in the field and not found to be rough.