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Our knitting wool is pure wool, 100% natural, 100% renewable, 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable, and good for the planet. Need we say more? Additionally, for those supporters of natural fibres, especially native breed wool, this is for you.

DK hand knitting wool

Our double knitting wool is grown on Exmoor by Exmoor Horn sheep.  Connoisseurs of the wide variety of British wool types will appreciate the robust, hard-wearing, though soft, qualities of Exmoor Horn wool. As a result, it is ideally suited for pullovers, jackets, tank tops, waistcoats, and the like, so you’ll feel at one with the outdoors in any garment knitted with our yarn.

All our DK yarn, whether spun in Devon or Yorkshire, is worsted spun, so will give you good pattern definition.

DK  wool composition.

The colours Earth Red, Dark Skies Blue, Heather Purple, Fern Green and Gorse Yellow reflect the colours of the landscape where the wool grew. They, and natural, are all spun in Devon on Exmoor and are a 70:30 blend of Exmoor Horn wool and Exmoor blueface (aka Exmoor mule) which is a cross-bred sheep derived from a Leicester blueface ram on an Exmoor Horn ewe. So our resulting blend is effectively 85% Horn. Each ball is approximately 250 metres long per 100g.

The Hedgerow Pink, Bossington Pebble, Bossington Sea Green, Bossington Sea Mist, Bossington Barley and Bossington Bracken colours take their inspiration from the hues of the landscape around the tiny Exmoor coastal village of Bossington. This yarn is 70% Exmoor Horn wool, 30% Fine Blueface cross wool, and is spun in Yorkshire. Each ball is approximately 230 metres long per 100g.

4ply hand knitting wool.

Our 4ply yarn comes in 50g balls, and is woollen spun, which means that it has a few of the shorter fibres and thus more loft. It is spun in Yorkshire by an artisan spinner. It is 70% Exmoor Horn wool and 30% Exmoor Mule and comes in the colours Heather Purple, Dark Skies Blue, Fern Green, Earth Red and natural. Each doughnut-shaped ball is a minimum of 152 metres in natural or 169 metres in any of the dyed landscape colours

Knitting wool dyes

Our dyes are low-impact synthetic dyes, which means that less water is required in the rinse process due to a higher rate of absorption.
They do not contain heavy metals and, unlike natural dyes, do not require toxic mordants to fix the colour.


Please remember to use only wool-friendly detergents – biological detergents or those including bleach will seriously damage wool!

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