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Our waffle-stitch pullovers are a result of collaboration with a British knitter who is a keen advocate of native breed wool. Each heavyweight garment is beautifully finished to a high standard, comes in a single block colour using one of our twelve shades, and is fully fashioned wuth raglan sleeves. This is a pullover that will last you a lifetime, and you won’t find anything comparable on the High Street. Sizes S, M, L, XL depending on colour. The Dark Skies Blue pullover is V-necked, whereas other lighter colours (especially with ladies in mind) are round-necked.

The turtle-necked pullovers in Hedgerow Pink,  Earth Red, and Sea Mist, all in the same lovely waffle stitch are now available.


All our pullovers are 100% pure new wool – 70% Exmoor Horn, 30% Exmoor mule.

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