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Our waffle-stitch pullovers are a result of collaboration with a British knitter who is a keen advocate of native breed wool. Each heavyweight garment is beautifully finished to a high standard, comes in a single block colour using one of our twelve shades, and is fully fashioned. This is a pullover that will last you a lifetime, and you won’t find anything comparable on the High Street. Sizes S, M, L, XL depending on colour. The Dark Skies Blue pullover is V-necked, whereas other lighter colours (especially with ladies in mind) will be round-necked.

Another collaboration, this time with  an Exmoor designer, has resulted in  three original, exclusive unisex designs. Using the same landscape colours found in our knitting wool and shooting hose range, they are knitted especially for us in Somerset.


The “Water Ripple” pullover has random slivers of heather purple and fern green. The neckband is green with a purple stripe, and the welt and cuffs are plain green. Sizes S, M, L. Production on hold at present.

The “Snowflake” pullover is knitted with earth red in the forefront of the stitches, and natural in the background, giving a flecked effect. The neckband, welt and cuffs are plain red. Sizes S, M, L. Production postponed.

The “Falling Leaves” pullover combines dark skies blue and fern green in a pleasing small checkerboard pattern with plain green neckband, welt and cuffs. Sizes S, M, L. Production currently under way.

All our pullovers are 100% pure new wool – 70% Exmoor Horn, 30% Exmoor mule.



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