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Our wonderfully soft and cuddly cushions will look good on any chair or sofa. The covers are made of 100% natural wool, the same as our yarn for hand-knitting, and will blend with any colour scheme.

Our two designs use a variety of patterns and stitches. Both designs are large squares, one is 50cm X 50cm, and the other is 40cm X 40cm. The pattern is exactly the same on both sides, and the opening is made using a hidden zip along one side.

We do not supply the cushion pads, but we have made the covers to standard sizes so that you can easily obtain the filling, or re-use what you have already.

Knitting these covers uses between 330 and 350 grammes of wool per cover, so you can appreciate that this is nearly a thick pullover’s worth of natural fibre. It comes to you with love from Exmoor where the sheep live who grew the wool, and where their ancestors have lived for centuries.

Hand wash gently using a wool-friendly detergent, or machine wash on a specialist cool wool wash. Dry flat as for pullovers. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.

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