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Earth Red DK


Our Earth Red Exmoor Horn  quality DK wool represents the colour of the soil in the Dunster, Holnicote Estate and other areas. There are many pink picture-postcard cottages in north Exmoor, so you may wonder “why pink”? Well, the answer lies in the lovely red sandstone soil. Traditionally, the soil colour blended with the whitewashed cob walls, giving a pink, which is characteristic of the area. You can even sometimes identify the provenance of a sheep by the tinge in the fleece!

Summer2014no2 006

This is an example of what our wool can do. It is our most popular pattern because it is simple to execute (the cable edging is knitted separately), suits everybody, and is easy to wear. We love it! It is a JAMES C. BRETT pattern no. JB074, and is currently available.


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Weight 100 g